Mind Body Techniques

Bach Flower Essences, Business Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Technique and Interior Design Coaching for calming anxiety and boosting confidence.

My Story

I am Arty Thukral, an Advanced Certified EFT and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Business Mentor and Interior Design Coach.

After having personally experienced anxiety and self-doubt issues being an only child of a successful high achiever entrepreneur, I have acquired an insight of your overwhelming emotional experience and lack of self-esteem.

Through my sessions, I aim to support you to declutter your mind and space around you with evidence-based mind body techniques. I am a vegan who is a firm believer in the wonder of nature and how it holds the elements of fire, earth, air, water, and space altogether inside out.

“I had received EFT treatment from Arty before and felt it would benefit me. I was hoping that some residual emotional traumas would be resolved. Also, these emotional issues may have contributed to physical issues I had been experiencing. For eg, discomfort in shoulders. I found the session emotional, not quite realising the depth the session would reach. But after I felt a lot lighter, like something had shifted. It was uplifting. Arty speaks with clarity and knowledge about both EFT. Her professionalism is outstanding. I cannot speak more highly of Arty’s ability to listen and fully present during our sessions. I felt I could trust her with very personal issues because Arty has an innate ability to create a safe space for her client. “

Deborah - Teacher