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Baby Loss

Work with me to help you navigate through your experience of loss to be empowered with peace. 

Fertility and Maternity

Work with me to create a fertile optimum state for an empowered birth. 

Emotional Wellbeing

Work with me to over come anxiety, birth trauma, fear and shame to be feel worthy and confident.

Learn with me for you and your family - Chaotic Crisis to Calm Confidence workshops including

 ♦Bach Flower Remedies  ♦Emotional Freedom Technique ♦ Hand Reflexology♦ Journalling ♦ Mindfulness

Workplace Wellbeing Program for Confident Comunication to Build Nurturing Connections

♦Connect with your Body ♦Balance your Emotions

♦Transform your thoughts

Learn with me to empower others

♦Babyloss Awareness ♦ Fertile Body Method ♦Fertile Emotional Wellbeing

♦ How to run a Fertilty Group ♦Hynosis and Mind-Body Approaches for IVF

Welcome to Emotional Welbeing by Arty Amarisa

I am assuming you are here because you’ve been trying for a baby for awhile, you have experienced a few rounds of failed IVF, you are feeling unworthy, lacking confidence or you are wanting to empower others on their fertility and self development journey.

I have been there myself and I am offering you a safe place to transform.

I will share with you life changing tools and techniques to tune into your own body to create a fertile optimum state, to heal from your own birth trauma, how to harness courage so you can go through life with clarity and confidence and empower others on their fertility and self development journey.



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Compelled to Serve

Everyone’s journey with the Bach Flowers is unique and personal. Yet what unites us all is the gratitude we have for nature’s wonder and its power to bring us back to restoration. This in return awakens the yearning to share with us. When we went into lock down a year...

Muster the courage to flow in the alchemy of grief

“They have gone to a better place”. “At least you are not alone, you have other family members and friends, keep yourself busy and you will get over it”. “It is the way it was meant to be some things are ”. “…….(silence)……” “…….(avoidance, lack of acknowledgment of...

A Negative Pregnancy Test

These four words, ‘ a negative pregnancy test’, is what stand out when we are trying for a baby and we miss a period, our period is delayed and/or at the end of our two week wait period after our assisted I’m going to in invite you to first of sit with the results,...

Empty Crib- a journey of letting go of guilt, anger and fear during baby loss

If tears could build a stairway And memories were a lane I would walk right up to heaven And bring you back again No farewell words were spoken  These words resonate closely with those of us who have experienced the loss of a baby. There are actually no words to...

How we can work together?

During these one to one sesions, a safe space is created to allow transformation to occur.

Clarity Call

Book a clarity call with me

This will help us determine how we can work together.

First Session

Initial Consultation

During this consultation we focus on what you want to achieve and start overcoming the obstacles on the way.

Ongoing Sessions

Future Sessions

These sessions will empower you to continue on your self development journey.

“I had received EFT treatment from Arty before and felt it would benefit me. I was hoping that some residual emotional traumas would be resolved. Also, these emotional issues may have contributed to physical issues I had been experiencing. For eg, discomfort in shoulders. I found the session emotional, not quite realising the depth the session would reach. But after I felt a lot lighter, like something had shifted. It was uplifting. Arty speaks with clarity and knowledge about both EFT. Her professionalism is outstanding. I cannot speak more highly of Arty’s ability to listen and fully present during our sessions. I felt I could trust her with very personal issues because Arty has an innate ability to create a safe space for her client. “

Deborah - Teacher

“I booked the consultation as I wanted to meet with someone to support me on my fertility journey. I hoped to achieve in conceiving as I had been trying for a couple of years and had 2 failed IUI’s and 2 failed IVF’s along with other treatments. I felt I needed to refocus my direction in the form of a massage and mindfulness.I would say Arty is amazing in every way. I met Arty last January and conceived in February, I had a baby girl in November. I would have still left a review if I didn’t convince, as with either way, Arty made me feel good about myself. However, I strongly believe I conceived after my sessions with Arty.From the minute I spoke to Arty I found her incredibly calming and relaxing. She reassured me straight away and was honest and open with me. The room spelt nice and felt relaxing. I remember crying in my first session but it was because I felt at ease around arty and I knew I had made the right choice in visiting her. The massage was brilliant and Arty’s approach and tone of voice was just what I needed.I would say she’s very easy to talk to, she was non judgmental, she shown a lot of empathy and she had time for me. She is caring and it felt more than just a service, it felt as though Arty really wanted the best for me opposed to a fee paying service. She really is a special woman and I am so grateful for her.I fell pregnant!!!!! I still cannot believe it. I will always believe it was down to Arty.Thank you Arty, you are amazing at what you do. Continue being caring, showing empathy and an honest woman, these are all the reasons why I have recommended you so many times. “


When your aim is to feel 

Vibrant, Fertile and Whole

It is Pivotal to tune into

Elegant Natural Ease

Arty Amarisa BSc (Hons) Psychology

Arty is a Mindset Educator and Fertility Coach. She has over 15 years of experience in complementary and psychological techniques with a first-class degree in Psychology. Arty also has completed her Masters in Investment Banking and has several years of corporate experience working in the City of London and Birmingham, UK. Her innate call is to empower others to snap out of the unworthy trance and step into self esteem.

Learn how to meditate and give yourself the gift of self love

7 Days of Calm