How our birth affects our present moment?

Our first experiences of the world create our mental programming which is the foundation of our life and is running in the background. We form our beliefs during childhood which are manifested during the ebbs and flows of our life.  Therefore, if we are able to visit our birth in a detached manner we can address any patterns that are governing our current life. We can then tune in to reprogram the way we think by changing our limited beliefs which constitute the blueprint of our current circumstances.

Who is it suitable for ? – Anyone who is born

Imagine the scenario of being cocooned within the womb for nine months, encapsulated in safety and then you pop out in the big wide world. Anyone who experiences birth is in for shock due to the dramatic change in their external environment.

Take a few moments to focus on the birth itself. The moment you go through the birth canal or are going through a C-section you are first surrounded by your mothers hormones, her warmth and then you are out. You may be welcomed by bright lights, unfamiliar sounds and physically detached from your mother when the umbilical cord is cut. This is just a simplistic way of explaining what happens at birth and it still causes one to feel anxious just be reading it so imagine if the birth was complicated, arduous and unwanted. How would your younger self feel.

Why would you necessary want to consciously visit your birth?

It has been explained above how birth in general is traumatic for the child due to the change in their environment. However, there are various reasons specifically why you may be attracted to visit your birth which may include

  • Underlying feeling of negative unhealthy programming during childhood
  • You may have been told that you had a traumatic birth through stories or vague memories
  • Your relationship with your mum is / was challenging
  • You may have had a traumatic experience given birth
  • You have fertilities issues and pining for a baby or may have experienced the loss of a baby

Arty has been trained by Sharon King, the author of the book ‘Heal your Birth’. To find out more click here to ready an article she has written on ‘Why your Birth Story Matters’.

Benefits of having a Matrix Birth Reimprining 

Allowing yourself to visit your birth is an invitation for deep healing which has a knock-on effect on your entire life.

  • It allows you to identify a recurrent belief that is running your life and empowers you to release it.
  • Gives you the opportunity to let go of the fear of giving child birth to welcome your bundle of joy with open arms.
  • It supports you on your journey of self-discovery and releasing of negative and ancestral beliefs.
  • Offers you the opportunity to nurture and mend the relationship with your mother which may have been hostile, disappointing and upsetting.
  • Empowers you to connect with the birthing process which may be pivotal on your fertility journey

What is the process of the Birth Reimprinting

The Birth Reimprinting session can take place online. It involves sitting in a relaxed position where you will have minimum disturbances. Arty will guide you through the process.  If you want to find out more book yourself on a clarity call to discover how this process can change your life.