How does it feel you are standing in the middle of a forest on a cloudy day, the wind is howling, you can just about feel your feet on the ground and there is no sight of the light?




There are a thousand of thoughts in your head but if you were to name them you could not put any words to this cognition.




In these circumstances when you are not in touch with your feelings or when you are overly tuned in, it may be a sign of disharmony.




Take this opportunity to surround yourself with love and kindness.  Take some time out to repeat the following phrases to yourself and encapsulate your entire being with love & safety.


May I be filled with loving kindness


May I be held in loving kindness 


May I feel safe and at ease


May I feel protected from inner and out harm


May I be happy 


May I accept myself just as I am


May I touch deep natural peace


May I know the natural joy of being alive 


May I find true refuge in my own being 


May my heart and mind awaken


May I be free