The theory of the iceberg representating the consciousness came from Sigmund Freud, the founder of Psychoanalysis. However, in simple terms all that which we perceive with our conscious mind is above the water and is relatively easy to access. All that which is below the water is the subconscious mind which determines the programming of our current day to day activity.

Emerging research is highlighting that 96 to 99 % percent of our behaviour is controlled by the subconscious mind. To validate this, consider the ability of the conscious mind which can process 20 million environmental stimuli per second. In contract the conscious mind can only interpret 40 environmental stimuli per second. 

This may strike you as being unreal. So, to consider this further bring to your mind all those things you perform on autopilot mode during the day which includes getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, having breakfast, making tea and going out.

During the first 6 years of life, the beliefs about life, the world, our place in it, our abilities, our health and our prospects are formed and held beneath the iceberg in our subconscious mind. These are significant and seem to be the foundation of our life. One of the reasons behind this is because of the brainwave activity in the first years of our life. The time between birth and 2 years, babies are mostly in a state of Delta brainwave activity. Later on between the age of two and six, children are mainly in a state of Theta brainwave activity. Both these brainwave activities, Delta and Theta are states where one is more suggestible and absorbs what is going around. This is the reason why children are often described as sponges, where they form beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of the adults around them.

Children during their childhood learn from the information that surrounds them through a vibrational level via the morphic fields.  This is how they create boundaries which are essential for survival without which children do not know what is safe and peril. However, this boundary foundation can sometimes become the source of our determent when as adults we keep running the programs which we formed during childhood.

One of the emotions that we are grown up with is shame to be able to form boundaries. As children we learn that when we are told off verbally or through a facial expression by our parents we have gone beyond our limit. Parents can at times allow the filtering of the child’s behaviour through their own perspective which sometimes can be overly critical or severe. We can definitely consider that the ultimate aim of parents is usually to want the best for their parents and they are enacting what they have learned from their parents. However the child will be brought up with this negative self belief which at a later stage if unresolved can develop into sickness and disease. 

There are a variety of Energy Psychology techniques that allow the transformation of these beliefs. The techniques I offer are Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix and Birth Reimprinting. Together they work effectively to resolve beliefs formed in the first years of life and even in utero. We go through a technique to transform the negative beliefs to improve your health and wellbeing on every level.