The mind body connection is the stepping stone on your journey of self development. What we think and feel has a direct impact on our bodies and physical condition. Clear minds, confident bodies. 

My purpose is to work alongside you and be a source of motivation, confidence, and courage in this process of inner accomplishment. The approach I use is evidence-based and holistic with the aim for you to expand into your full potential.

My Background & Story


My Background

My birth town is Gran Canaria a small island which is part of the Canary Islands.  My ethnic roots are Indian, my dad was brought up in Suez Canal, Egypt and my mother in Chennai, India. Being an only child I was loved immensely yet carried the responsibility live up to the expectations of my parents specially my father who suffered from undiagnosed vascular dementia since my childhood.  Most of my life I felt I carried the heavy burden over my shoulders. Resilience and courage are the two strengths which helped me navigate through life and bring me where I am today.

I came to the UK with a group of friends and studied in boarding school in another costal town Eastbourne for a couple of years. Since then I completed a 1st class degree in Psychology and an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking. I fulfilled my father’s dream and worked in the city for five years within International Asset Management Compliance in London. So I am really good making rules, writing procedures and breaking them too! I also gathered another five years of retail and commercial banking experience when I moved to Birmingham in a national building society.  I responded to my calling of helping others which were the reason I pursued my degree in Psychology and I retrained in coaching and complementary health which I have been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2016. 

My Story

There are two major events that transformed my life, I gave birth to my still baby daughter Alma at 20 weeks and I lost my father exactly 8 weeks later, same day same time.  After these life-changing events, I’m still standing with my head up high.  Yes, there have been times that I could not feel the ground beneath my feet, but instead of falling, I learned to fly.   This made me realise that I’m emotionally resilient and my calling in life is to help others build their own innate strength.  A day does not go by that I do not remember the ones who I have lost yet grief has propelled me to give birth to Positive Harmony Psychology. I believe through psychology which is learning about your own self, you can make subtle changes to experience harmony in your lives.  When you start living a life aligned to your values you realise that you are much lighter, positive, and happier.  What else can you ask for during this short sojourn of human life?

My Approach & Philosophy

A reflection of your Mission and Vision 

Alignment to Nature

I strongly believe in the power of nature, simplicity and your own mind to help you be healthier both physically and mentally.  Being a vegan, another being’s suffering cannot be the basis of my pleasure


Witnessing your emotions and inner critic with creativity and self belief is a source of freedom to take control of your of life in your own hands.


The quality to wonder rather than ruminate is an science based approach to wellbeing and focusing on the solution. 


Using the abudance of gratitude I create the space for inner transformation to occur which consequently helps you live a happier life inside out.

Taking Responsibility

 My purpose is to be your mirror to reflect back parts of you that you are not aware of. This awareness is a catalyst to take responsbility of your own self care. 

My Continoues Desire to Learn

A is a selection from the log of my CPD (continous professonal development)

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who suffer from recurrent depression (3 or more bouts).

ACT aims to help grow greater psychological flexibility, accept our negative emotions and thoughts without getting involved in them. The aim is to learn techniques to diffuse and put negativity in its context which helps to loosen its grip on us. Self is dividied into two parts, one which is thinking and one which is observing. This awarness allows one to remain serene in the present.

Colour in the Light Matrix

Using the power and language of colour you can create safety, heal in a deeper level,  clear and transform energy blocks with ease and in an effortless manner.

Light Matrix

Light Matrix is a wonderful technique I learned with Sharon King which gives a being the opportunity to connect to their higher self which is a source of clarity.

Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR)

Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who suffer from recurrent depression (3 or more bouts).

MBSR are general mindfulness techniques which shared in an eight week program to overcome stress, depression, pain and worry. It facilitates to create a non-judgemental approval of their present experience.  The aim is to help find joy and access inner strength for healing and getting clarity in life.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression in people who suffer from recurrent depression (3 or more bouts).

MBCT focuses more on low mood and negative thoughts to target specific conditions or vulnerabilities. This is delivered within an 8 week program. It helps to stop criticising oneself and dissociate from negative thoughts and bad moods, to embrace the present.

Picture Tapping Technique

Picture Tapping is a simple yet effective technique combining art therapy and emotional freedom technique to release problems in a safe manner. It uses metaphor and symbols to access aspects, thoughts and memories that may be difficult to express.


Details of offerings included in coaching packages as self help tools in insight level sessions and/or personalised tailor made during guidane and transformation level sessions

Bach Flower Essences

Emotional Freedom Technique

Family Energetics

Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Hand Reflexology Self Help Tools

Wellwoman Confidence

Healing After Baby Loss

Fertility Massage Self Help Tools

Fertile Body Method

Fertility Reflexology Self Help Tools

Empowered Birth