Alma – your transformation after baby loss

Baby Loss

Have you experienced recurrent miscarriages?

Are you grieving from a stillbirth?

Are you struggling with conceiving again due to the devastating grief and sadness of losing a child? 

Are you finding it difficult to believe that you can conceive again due to baby loss? 

Are you unable to believe that you are the mother of angel babies? 

Work with me to help you navigate through baby loss

Navigating and validating your experience of loss to be empowered with peace



At 20 weeks when I was told that my baby had no heart beat I had to give birth to her.  Whilst I was in shock and disbelief I was as well prepared as I could be for the events that followed on.   Sometimes life throws at you certain things that take you by surprise and when you are able to take time and reflect you realise how much love and support there is around you.  In my role as Complementary Health and Psychology Practitioner, just 6 months before I lost Alma I had completed a course delivered by Sands – Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity.  The course was on ‘Pregnancy loss and the death of a baby: Sands Training for Professionals.  So when I heard the words, “there is no heartbeat’, I knew exactly what to expect. I could take the role of the savior and support my family members to go through this grief.

A month before I had to give birth to Alma I obtained by Birthlight Diploma in Perinatal Yoga.  This gave me the tools to go through the process of stillbirth with sadness yet with a natural ease which made it physically less distressing.  My midwife said, “I breathed out my baby.”  She had tears in our eyes and I will forget the look of compassion in her eyes.

So here I am sharing with you some of the positive overwhelm I experienced alongside the tools which helped me along the way. The purpose this program is to experience Alma – Acknowledge loving mothering awareness.  Love is all around you, you just need to slow down to feel it.  Whilst I appreciate not everyone is ready for this awareness when you are ready, you will find me here welcoming you to Alma – Acknowledge loving mothering awareness.

After the loss of our child we just stop breathing, stop believing.  Nothing makes sense anymore and we just do not care.  These are feelings we go through and it does not get better because those feelings want to pull you down and their weight is overburdening.  However through self-care and introspection, you can elevate yourself above all this.  The feelings and the sadness remains but you just rise above it.  Motherhood is one of the most beautiful journeys we go through as a woman.  However, motherhood does not define us it is just one of our characteristics.  So let us find out more about our own selves, who we are.  This will then in turn help us be better mothers to our angel babies and those on earth.  Alma Program helps you feel safe to be in the present moment and find out what you need on your journey of self-discovery and healing.  You can book one of the sessions and use it as a passing place where you can just come and go or spend some time until you feel strong enough to fly again. You can also book a package of sessions to build your inner emotional resilience.