Boost Your Inner Confidence

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Help Yourself Heal Through Nature and Your Hands

Are you suffering from anxiety?

Have you got difficulies sleeping?

Are you stressed out?

Do you feel low?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities?

Do you feel stuck and stagnated?


Learn to identify the emotions underlying your anxiety


Use the power of nature to nurture you to sleep


Acknowledge the reason behind your stress and despondency


Validate your overwhelm and move forward with ease

Are you struggling sleeping?

Have you got aches and pains that you cannot get rid of?

Are you finding it difficult to breath?

Do you experience headaches and migraines?

Have you got an imbalance in your digestive system?

Are you stressed and unable to relax?



Learn some simple techniques to maintain and sleep longer


Learn the reflex points to ease pain


Practice solar plexus breathing


Obtain headache relief


Balance your digestive system


Learn to relax and let go

Are you :

Feeling insure and uneasy in your home office / treatment room / home?

Are you confused, feeling lost and lack creativity and inspiration?

Do you feel stuck and seeking clarity?

Do you feel there is stagnated energy that you need to clear and shift?

Do you feel the need to declutter and have a new perspective?

Do you want to have a sense of direction and focus?

Are you seeking harmony, pace and alignment within and without?

Learn more about the furniture placement aligned to the nature and its elements?

Feel more present in your own space?

Create firm boundaries to feel grounded?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, this Interior Design Consultation will help you reach your goals.


Feedback  “’ Since the lockdown I was working from home and the lockdown created more added pressure. I booked the session because I wanted clear boundaries between my home and work life. The entire process was very through and comprehensive, definitely worth the investment. The audios guided me to a space of clarity before the session and completing the consultation form highlighted my own requirements which I was not aware of myself. The actual session was uplifting and it was great to receive the personalised report which I can refer back to. Since I have made the changes suggested, I feel more clearer and focused in my work. There are days that I get absorbed in work but now I can leave my room and forget it about it rather than think about  work everywhere in home. The session was very useful and I would definitely recommend it to those who are struggling to work from home and keeping boundaries -Jennifer ~ Consultant

“I worked from my treatment room at home but since the lockdown I was offering more online sessions and I just needed a look and feel to my room so I booked the session with Arty. She helped me reorganise the orientation of my desk and remove objects that I never thought I could. It was like a chord cutting session. Now I feel I”m attracting the right clients as well the floodgates of creativity have opened. Thank you for making such a big difference in my therapy work.  Alina ~ Holistic Therapist

Details and Fee

*One 60 minutes session

*Interior Design Suggestions

*Once you have purchased the session, i will email you with 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to arrange a mutually suitable time. Please note that all sessions are on zoom usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am, 12noon, 2pm or 4pm UK Time.

*A document will be emailed to you before the session for you to complete and email back before the session.




*Calmness and feeling grounded

*Productivity and feeling lighter


*Confidence and strength


*Clarity and focus

*Stress Relief


  1. A compass (app available on your phone)
  2. Measuring tap in cm


*60 minutes Interior Design Consultation

*Personalised Report included Vastu inspired suggestions

Ongoing Coaching available

*Ongoing 60 minutes Interior Design Consultation Sessions for £150



Are seeking everyone’s approval? Do you want to believe in yourself and develop self-trust?

Do you feel anxious sad and worried? Do you want to learn self help tools to feel calm?

Do you feel stuck and stagnated? Do you want to feel lighter to see the road ahead?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities? Do you dare to love yourself first and then others?

Are you stressed and feel run down? Learn a simple self care tool to feel focused

Are you in pain and unable to sleep? Tune in to detach yourself from your thoughts

If you resonate with the above take advantage NOW.

You can book three sessions for £110 and save over 5%.

If the above resonates with you then book this session which includes


  • Goal and intention setting
  • Starting and ending with a mindfulness meditation
  • Personalised Hand reflexology using crystals, flower essences and essential oils
  • Sharing holistic tips to enhance your well being
  • Moon Inspiration Journaling
  • Sooth, savour and shine E- workbook over 20 pages
  • Suggestion of personalised bach flower essences and aromatherapy blends


  • Emotional Equipoise Ebook to journal your emotions to get to know yourself better through the wisdom of nature.


“The hand reflexology was very relaxing and I felt very pampered using the lovely products. The guided meditation at the end was also wonderfully relaxing. I would highly recommend” ~B. Joyce

When I thought of attending the workshop offered by Arty, I was experiencing uncertainty and was not always sleeping well. I am so glad I did because now I feel more confident and optimistic about the future and my life is now more stable. I have learnt a new routine for facial care which I intend to practice every day.” ~J.Ensum

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for my super relaxing reflexology treatment yesterday. I felt so calm and relaxed. I was also able to have a sound nights sleep which I haven’t had for a long time. Arty, continue to be the guiding light for everyone you needs the help and support in their life’s.” ~S.Devi

“It was so therapeutic, and relaxing, a real treat. I cannot speak more highly of Arty’,her professionalism and calming nature” ~K. Bahra


  • Bach Flower Personal Mix and Aromatherapy blends extra
  • Online and one to ones sessions with COVID precautions in Great Barr, Birmingham Clinic

“Discover the Bach Flower Remedies and learn the simple art of hand reflexology to bring your body back to balance.”