Boost Your Inner Confidence

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Help Yourself Heal Through Nature and Your Hands

Are you suffering from anxiety?

Have you got difficulies sleeping?

Are you stressed out?

Do you feel low?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities?

Do you feel stuck and stagnated?


Learn to identify the emotions underlying your anxiety


Use the power of nature to nurture you to sleep


Acknowledge the reason behind your stress and despondency


Validate your overwhelm and move forward with ease

Are you struggling sleeping?

Have you got aches and pains that you cannot get rid of?

Are you finding it difficult to breath?

Do you experience headaches and migraines?

Have you got an imbalance in your digestive system?

Are you stressed and unable to relax?



Learn some simple techniques to maintain and sleep longer


Learn the reflex points to ease pain


Practice solar plexus breathing


Obtain headache relief


Balance your digestive system


Learn to relax and let go

Monthly Inner Confidence Alchemy, this is the yearly purchase where you save over 5%.  Once you purchase this, you will have access to the bonus material  and an invitation to the facebook group.

For monthly subscriptions which is £15.75 click here. Within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) you will receive a link to login to access your bonus material and an invitation to join the facebook group.

  • The 12 Pillars of Inner Confidence

1.Fear & Sensitivity
2.Boundaries & Resilience
3.Frustration & Anger
4.Courage & Compassion
5.Confusion & Uncertainty
6.Clarity & Calmness
7.Disinterest & Apathy
8.Creativity & Openness
9.Disappointment & Low mood
10.Wonder & Curiosity
11.Loneliness & Solitude
12.Communication & Connection

  • Weekly Connection & Guidance on every Tuesday
    1. Week 1 – Journalling Prompt & intention setting for the month
    2. Week 2 – Video on Pillar of the month
    3. Week 3 (with some exceptions, see timetable of live sessions-Live Zoom Call (3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm UK time). If you cannot attend live this will be recorded to watch the replay on your own time
    4. Week 4-Review the last month and
    5. Week 5- Surprise Gifts for those months with five Tuesdays (March, May, August & November/December 2022)
  • Bonus Material
    1. Who Lives in Your Head Workshop
    2. 21 Days to Remove the Mask of Your Inner Critic
    3. Resource the Therapist

Timetable of of Live Sessions 2022*

  1. Tuesday – 18/1/2022 at 8pm UK time
  2. Tuesday – 15/2/2022 at 8pm UK time
  3. Tuesday – 15/3/2021 at 8pm UK time
  4. Tuesday – 19/4/2022 at 8pm UK time
  5. Tuesday – 17/5/2022 at 8pm UK time
  6. Tuesday – 21/6/2022 at 8pm UK time
  7. Tuesday – 19/7/2022 at 8pm UK time
  8. Tuesday – 16/8/2022 at 8pm UK time
  9. Tuesday – 20/9/2022 at 8pm UK time
  10. Tuesday – 11/10/2022 at 8pm UK time
  11. Tuesday – 01/11/2022 at 8pm UK time
  12. Tuesday – 29/11/2022 at 8pm UK time

*May change slightly

Terms & Conditions

  • Your Subscription commitment is “Contract – Free”.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Once subscription payments have been deducted the payments will not be refunded
  • Cancellations are the responsibility of the Subscriber not the Merchant.

Are seeking everyone’s approval? Do you want to believe in yourself and develop self-trust?

Do you feel anxious sad and worried? Do you want to learn self help tools to feel calm?

Do you feel stuck and stagnated? Do you want to feel lighter to see the road ahead?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities? Do you dare to love yourself first and then others?

If the above resonates with you then book this package which includes

  1. Three x 60 minutes Boost Your Inner Confidence Bach Flower & Holistic Coaching
  2. Gift Bag containing
    1. One Bach Flower Personal Mix (worth £20)
    2. Bach Flower Information Cards & Journal
    3. Hand Reflexology Routine & Crystal & Sample Cream
    4. Mindfulness & Tap and Breath worksheet



Sessions to be used in consequent weeks over three weeks or consequent months over three months
One to Ones sessions with COVID precautions in Great Barr, Birmingham Clinic & available on zoom

“Discover the Bach Flower Remedies and learn the simple art of hand reflexology to bring your body back to balance.”