Chaos to Calm

Be the best version of yourelf

Do you want to learn more about you are good at ?

Are striving to live a fulfilled life but do not know how to?

Do you want to discover your super power?

Is there an inconsistency between your goals and your actions?

Are you looking for releasing your emotional turmoil to feel lighter and refreshed?




Learn what your strengths are and do more of what you enjoy


Validate and release your emotions


Feel lighter, carefree and vibrant


Live a life aligned to your values

"I had a great EFT session with Arty and it helped me identify the emotions which were holding me back from moving on after the death of my husband. "

∝ Sonia  K∝ Entrepreneur

"I did the mindfulness course with Arty and really enjoyed it. She has a naturally calm nature and her voice is so relaxing in the meditations she did. I wod highly recommend taking one of her courses xx"

∝ Suzanne Curtis  ∝ Emotion Code, Body Code & EFT Practitioner at