Crisis to Comfort Coaching

Take responsibility of your own health.

Do you want to balance your emotional wobbles with natural flower essences?

Are you feeling tired, lack of energy, lethargic and with no motivation?

Do you want to tune into the fragrance of nature to sooth your nervous system?

Is stress taking over your life that you are unable to see the way forward?

Do you want to learn about your menstrual cycle and fertility womb massage?

Are you experiencing pain, digestion issues and headaches? 

Do you feel you have not time for your self and are looking for simple techniques to incoporate in your everyday life?

Do you want to learn some hand reflexology routines for (1) Babyloss and grief (2) Digestive Issues (3) Fertility (4) Headaches (5) Insomina/Sleep Deprivation  (6) Maternity (7)Stress Reflief?




Learn hand reflexology to take the control of health in your own hands


Empower yourself with the natural bach flower essences of natural to balance your emotional state


Learn Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Fertility/Womb Massage


Empower yourself with the aromatherapy to sooth yourself

"Excellent service very relaxing and comforting. Thank you Arty you have been great ."


"Very nice and I feel much better even just thinking of the remedies . Arty has a a lot of knowledge of the Bach Flowers Remedies . Thank you and bless you ."