Birth Coaching














Do you want to feel empowered during birth?

Do you want to feel relaxed during the pregnancy?

Are you struggling to sleep?

Are you scared and worried about childbirth? 

Do you feel disconnected with your baby and want to tune into your body? 

Do you want to learn a few effective & simple self-help tool?

Work with me to empower you during your pregnancy and childbirth.


Hynobirthing techniques to help you relax


Positive Affirmation to support you


Fearless & Courageous Birth strategies to trust your body


Clear and release any Ancestral and Birth Trauma


Breathing and yoga practices to empower you

“Arty is a wonderful teacher, within a few moments she was able to make me feel at ease and comfortable for the session. She has a calming presence and was able to draw out my concerns and fear ahead of my birth, enabling me to focus on my strengths and empower me to concentrate on the birth I want to have. I didn’t know what to expect from Hypnobirthing but if ever there was a time anyone would benefit from this it would be now. During this pandemic I have been anxious to become a first time mother with limited support compared to what would have been available in normal circumstances. However with Arty’s help I feel prepared to welcome my child into a calm environment and empowered that I can do this!”

∝ Jodie  ∝ Manager