Overcome self doubt and cultivate inner confidence

2022 EventsĀ 

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Boost Your Inner Confidence Workshop – Thursday 23rd June at 1930 UK Time

Boost Your Inner Confidence

Fertile Emotional Wellbeing Workshop – Tuesday 28th June at 1800 UK Time

Fertile Emotional Wellbeing on Tuesday 28th June 2022

Inner Confidence Alchemy Membership – 2022 Zoom Group Coaching Dates

Tue 18th Jan

Topic – Fear and Sensitivity

Tue 15th Feb

Topic-Boundaries and Resilience

Tues 15th March

Topic-Frustration and Anger

Tue 19th April

Topic-Courage and Compassion

Tue 10th May

Topic-Confusion & Uncertainty

Tue 21st June

Topic-Clarity & Calmness

Tue 19th July

Topic-Disinterest & Apathy

Tue 16th August

Topic-Creativity & Openness

Tue 20th September

Topic-Disappointment & Low mood

Tue 11th October

Topic-Wonder & Curiosity

Tue 1st November

Topic-Loneliness & Solitude

Tue 29th November

Topic-Communication & Connection