FAST – Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma

FREE one-to-one emotional support for frontline UK healthcare & emergency workers impacted by Covid-19

I am a volunteer of small team of compassionate, trauma-experienced practitioners are able to offer FREE, fast and effective online emotional support to UK healthcare and emergency workers impacted by Covid-19.


 As a healthcare or emergency worker dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, you’ve faced a period of unprecedented stress, pressure and uncertainty.


It’s not surprising that this level of stress has left a lot of healthcare and emergency professionals feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out.



You don’t have to be experiencing constant high anxiety to benefit from our service – and Covid-19 doesn’t have to be the main focus of the sessions.


In fact, many of our clients who waited to request help commented that they wish they’d got in touch sooner.


If you’ve been impacted by the Covid-crisis in any way -whether recently or in the very early stages – our service is here to support you. Even just a couple of shorter sessions can make a big difference to how you feel – and to your quality of life.



We are offering each person who signs up with us four Emotional Freedom Technique sessions.


Now as we are navigating through the after effects of COVID we helping care home works and your support will be greatly appreciated. 


Our care home workers desperately need more support and Care homes are in crisis.

Over the last two years, our care home workers have worked tirelessly, on minimum wage, often short staffed, being ‘family’ for residents when no visitors were allowed, feeling pressured, fearful of getting ill, and often witnessing residents getting ill and in some cases dying. For most, it has been a very traumatic time, and you, as practitioners and therapists know, without resolution, the body will still continue to carry that trauma.

Let me tell you more about us. We are FAST (Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma), a Community Interest Company, founded in 2020 in response to the mental health struggles amongst the emergency services which have been greatly exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic. Since 2020 FAST have provided 1000’s of free Emotional Freedom Technique sessions to NHS staff, healthcare workers, paramedics and the police, all with 100% positive feedback.

To mark FAST’s two-year anniversary and so we can expand our vital work, we would like to offer up to 4 free Emotional Freedom Technique sessions to 100 care workers over a 6-month period, to support them to release and resolve the trauma they have experienced, so that they can provide the best care possible to our elderly loved ones.

FAST are aiming for – a win for the staff; a win for our elderly – and we need your help to achieve this.


We are inviting all therapists and practitioners, whatever your modality, from psychotherapists to physiotherapists, from CBT to NLP,  from reiki to yoga, and of course EFT, to donate the fee from just one session to FAST, to enable us to pay it forward and start supporting those working in Care Homes as well. We can only continue with your help and our work is needed more than ever.

For example, if you charge £50 per session, please donate £50. If you charge £100 per session, please donate £100.

 If you’d like to donate more, then obviously we’d be very grateful. In return, not only will you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve made such a difference, but we’ll add you to our list of supporters and invite you to choose from one of our rewards, as a thank you.

If you’re self-employed you will also be able to declare this amount as a charitable donation. However, if you’re reading this and you’re not a practitioner, but love the idea of supporting our care home workers to support our elderly loved ones, please do! We would be grateful for any donation! 


Please help us by donating the fee of a session today, and sharing this with any other practitioners in your community either via email or social media profile/groups. We appreciate that you’re busy so please feel free to copy and paste this email to save time.