FAST – Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma

FREE one-to-one emotional support for fro ntline UK healthcare & emergency workers impacted by Covid-19

I am a volunteer of small team of compassionate, trauma-experienced practitioners are able to offer FREE, fast and effective online emotional support to UK healthcare and emergency workers impacted by Covid-19. 


 As a healthcare or emergency worker dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, you’ve faced a period of unprecedented stress, pressure and uncertainty. 


It’s not surprising that this level of stress has left a lot of healthcare and emergency professionals feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out.



You don’t have to be experiencing constant high anxiety to benefit from our service – and Covid-19 doesn’t have to be the main focus of the sessions. 


In fact, many of our clients who waited to request help commented that they wish they’d got in touch sooner. 


If you’ve been impacted by the Covid-crisis in any way -whether recently or in the very early stages – our service is here to support you. Even just a couple of shorter sessions can make a big difference to how you feel – and to your quality of life.



We are offering each person who signs up with us four Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. 


To find out more about EFT and why it is so effective in acute stress situations, click the link below.  

21 Days of Free EFT

Are you feeling




*A box of nerves

*Fearful / anxious / worried


*Concerned for your loved ones


*Lack of focus, clarity and confused


Welcome to 21 days of Emotional Freedom Technique to help you feel







There are over 2 hours of videos in this wonderful gift to empower you to validate your emotions, let go and live a lighter life. Topics covered include


*Breaking a habit




*Worry about loved ones

*Tapping for Children

*Fertility / Maternity