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We are living in turbulent times and we all try to help out in our own ways and means, however we often do not know what is the best way to help.


Being of Indian origin, hearing what is happening India breaks my heart. I was going through emotional empathy but did not know what to do. I felt the universe answered my pleas when  I received the below message from a close friend of mine whose brother Anurag I have personally met.

Anurag Kashyap is the founder of Shakti Foundation (, a not for profit entity in India supporting and setting up several social initiatives, including children with special needs, education, and women’s livelihoods ( Currently Anurag’s main mission is to provide oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters and hygiene kits to individuals, especially in the mountain states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which are remove places in India rarely covered by the news.

While it feels slightly out of place to say that in the current environment of gloom and despondency, we must all strive to battle through these tumultuous times. We, at Shakti Foundation, along with many like-minded friends and volunteers are attempting to do our bit in bringing solace to Covid-affected families.

In the last week of April, we started with the idea of procuring 8-10 oxygen concentrators and giving them to the needy in Delhi. The idea had different ideas of its own!! With the help of like-minded friends and volunteers, we have managed to raise close to Rs.90 lakhs (nearly 120,000 $) so far. We are eternally grateful for the outpouring of help from some amazing people who have contributed their nights and days to the effort. Our aspirations, simultaneously, have also soared, and we are now hoping to touch many more lives in Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh. We request you to please spread the word in your circle of friends, so that we can reach a larger number of folks on the ground. 

These lines from a famous Indian poet, Majrooh Sultanpuri, seem appropriate for the moment:

maiñ akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar
log saath aate ga.e aur kārvāñ bantā gayā
Loosely translated,
Alone I started, no other in sight;
My caravan it grows by day and by night
Together we march to a goal so bright


The link to our site (for information and for donation) is mentioned below.

Alternatively, these are the bank details:
Account Number: 50100335601305
IFSC: HDFC0000273

Shakti Foundation

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