Do you feel stuck, confused and feel that something since as far as you can remember was not right?

Have you experienced underlying feeling of negative unhealthy programming during childhood?

Have you been told that you had a traumatic birth through stories or vague memories?

Is or has your relationship with your mother been challenging?

Have you had a traumatic experience giving birth to your child?

Do you have fertilities issues and pining for a baby or may have experienced the loss of a baby?

Work with me to heal your birth and experience freedom.


Identify a recurrent belief that is running your life and empowers you to release it.


Let go of the fear of giving child birth to welcome your bundle of joy with open arms.


Support on your journey of self-discovery and releasing of negative and ancestral beliefs.


Acknowledge and release the relationship with your mother which may have been hostile, disappointing and upsetting.


Connect with the birthing process, a pivotal step on your fertility journey.

“I had a Matrix Birth Reimprinting session with Arty & it was truly transformational for me. Arty has such a beautiful way of holding space which just allowed me to release what has been holding me back. She is so supportive & is made to do this work. So grateful for her!”

Charolotte Dickinson Holistic Health Advisor

“I had a Matrix Reimprinting session with Arty and she was sensitive, caring and guided me through the exercise professionally and with sensitivity and compassion. It was a very meaningful experience and I can still feel the powerful effects two weeks later. I highly recommend working with Arty.”

Annette Green ∝ Women’s Health Practitioner

“I was lucky enough to have a birth reimprinting session with Arty. Arty made me feel very safe and guided me with sensitivity and clarity through the process of my birth reimprinting. What can I say, such a spiritual experience, a overwhelming feeling of love and being welcomed home. I believe this will prove itself to be life changing. Again thank you for the session your gentleness and holding. With Heart Jack”

Jack Richardson ∝ Compassionate Practitioner