Inner Confidence Alchemy Membership

Why do you experience self doubt , imposter syndrome, cannot say no to others, scared of disapproval of others, not fitting in, the inner critic chatter of not good enough and perfectionism ?

Because you do not believe in yourself.

Why do you not have self belief ?

Because you do not know yourself .

Feel Confident Inside Out

Join this monthly membership to give yourself

♥the opportunity to explore the layers of your own personality,

♥know how you react , your triggers to dispel the darkness of the clutches negativity of self doubt and

♥shine in the light of your self belief and confidence with evidence based tools.

How I will help you?

♥ See it – when you cannot differentiate the woods from the trees, you need the assistance of someone else who is able to guide you to come face to face with your obstacles. 

♥ Say it – seeing is not believing, it is important to say aloud your feelings and express your emotions in a kind and compassionate manner so you can allow yourself to heal

♥ Set Yourself Free – Uplift yourself to feel lighter and free. Rise on the cloud of hope and raise your level of vibration to realise your innate strength and resilience. 

How will it help you?

♥ Learn to trust yourself rather than seek the approval of others

♥ Access your inner resources to guide you rather than be lead by others

♥ Compassionately and without guilt looking after your needs

♥ Building resilience rather than fear to overcome your obstacles step by step

♥ Letting go of heaviness caused by resentment and anger

♥ Progressing in your life, relationship and career

Results you can expect?

♥ Flowing with inner confidence 

♥  Clarity to make decision in your life

♥  Communicating with compassion and assertiveness

♥  Wearing your oxygen mask first before helping others

♥  Discerning when to say no with kindness

♥  Creating boundaries with yourself and others

♥  Lead with inspiration rather than be led

♥  Transforming overwhelm to pacing yourself out

♥  Responding rather than reacting

♥  Witnessing your emotions rather than being in the middle of the chaos

♥  Cutting the cord with the endless self sabotaging chatter

♥  Understanding the lack of basis of your imposter syndrome

What is Included in This Monthly Membership?

♥ Week 1- Intention setting journalling & meditation

♥ Week 2 – Mindset Education video

♥ Week 3 – Group coaching zoom call

♥Week 4 – Reflection and affirmation journalling & meditation

Bonus Material:

♥ 21 days audios to remove the mask of your inner critic

♥ Resource the The Therapist Audios

♥ Who Lives in Your Head Workshop

My Humble Pledge to You

♥ Help you Develop Inner Self Confidence

♥ Believe in yourself

♥ Build Mental and Emotional Resilence

♥ Access Inner Resources

♥ Radiate Self Esteem & Worth Inside Out

Why me?

♥ I’ve been there, done that (got the t-shirt), you can watch on this link here –, how I’ve navigated through my own lows and I am here to help you now.

♥ There is a connection between you and me which has brought you here to read this today. It is in response to this unique link, that joins your heart to mine, I feel we can work together to inspire each other on this self development and self discovery journey to make it lighter and happier. We are all made out of the same stardust with the sole purpose to help each other and make it to the end.

♥ I am a Certified and Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique and Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with over 15 years of experience helping in one to one and  group sessions to help you live a life to your full potential.

♥ My aim is to help you transform your self doubt to self belief in a gentle, humble and authentic manner aligned to your values and strengths.

“Arty is a wonderful teacher. She is a gifted therapist. I really enjoyed learning Mindfulness based cognitive therapy with her tutoring.”

Chica Herbert

“I recently did the mindfulness with CBT course with Arty. The course was very well run and Arty is a great teacher, very knowledgeable about this subject. The mindfulness exercises were very helpful and the guided meditations were wonderfully relaxing too – Thank you Arty”.

Belinda Trayln

“I did the mindfulness course with Arty and really enjoyed it. She has a naturally calm nature and her voice is so relaxing in the meditations she did. I would highly recommend taking one of her courses.”

Suzanne Curtis

Who is the membership for?

♥ For those who want to glow with inner confidence

♥ For those who take responsibility of their self care

♥ For those who put themselves first

♥ For those who dedicate time for self care regularly

Who is the membership not for?

♥ For who are happy in their comfort zone

♥ For those who do want to make changes in their

♥ For those  who put others first

♥ For those who want others to take responsibility to their self care

♥ For those who do not have time for self car

What is included?

Who Lives in Your Head Workshop worth £25

21 days of Remove the Mask of Your Inner Critic worth £25

Resource the Therapist worth £25

Group Coaching Calls worth £300

Mindset Education Videos worth £120

Intention setting and Reflection Journalling worth £120

Inner Confidence Meditations worth £120

Total £735 but you pay only £200 Saving of £535

(if you pay annually)

Will the live zoom calls be recorded and replays available?

Yes the zoom calls will be recorded and you will be to access it through ‘My Account’ area on the website under your Inner Confidence Alchemy Membership.

What is covered on the monthly zoom calls?

The monthly zoom calls is an opportunity for you to ask questions on the theme of the month. There will be a group Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping session biased on the monthly topic to reinforce the wisdom gained, release any obstacles and imprint positive behaviour. There will also be a mindfulness meditation to help you ground, feel centred and filled with inner confidence. 

If I cannot attend live can I send my questions beforehand ?

Yes you can email any questions you may have which will be answered on the zoom call and you can watch the replay. If you need extra guidance on the monthly topic this too can be emailed across which will be answered.

Can you pay monthly?

Yes you can pay monthly via paypal and/or your credit card.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you are free to cancel anytime. Please note that cancellations are the responsiblity of the subscriber and not the merchant.

Can I get a refund?

Once the subscription payments has been deducted payments will not be refunded.

Inner Confidence Alchemy

Take the first step to transform your Self Doubt into Inner Self Confidence.

Monthly Inner Confidence Alchemy, this is the yearly purchase where you save over 5%.  Once you purchase this, you will have access to the bonus material  and an invitation to the facebook group.

For monthly subscriptions which is £17.50 click here. Within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) you will receive a link to login to access your bonus material.

  • The 12 Pillars of Inner Confidence

1.Fear & Sensitivity
2.Boundaries & Resilience
3.Frustration & Anger
4.Courage & Compassion
5.Confusion & Uncertainty
6.Clarity & Calmness
7.Disinterest & Apathy
8.Creativity & Openness
9.Disappointment & Low mood
10.Wonder & Curiosity
11.Loneliness & Solitude
12.Communication & Connection

  • Weekly Connection & Guidance on every Tuesday
    1. Week 1 – Journalling Prompt & intention setting for the month
    2. Week 2 – Video on Pillar of the month
    3. Week 3 (with some exceptions, see timetable of live sessions-Live Zoom Call (3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm UK time). If you cannot attend live this will be recorded to watch the replay on your own time
    4. Week 4-Review the last month and
    5. Week 5- Surprise Gifts for those months with five Tuesdays (March, May, August & November/December 2022)
  • Bonus Material
    1. Who Lives in Your Head Workshop
    2. 21 Days to Remove the Mask of Your Inner Critic
    3. Resource the Therapist

Timetable of of Live Sessions 2022*

  1. Tuesday – 18/1/2022 at 8pm UK time
  2. Tuesday – 15/2/2022 at 8pm UK time
  3. Tuesday – 15/3/2021 at 8pm UK time
  4. Tuesday – 19/4/2022 at 8pm UK time
  5. Tuesday – 17/5/2022 at 8pm UK time
  6. Tuesday – 21/6/2022 at 8pm UK time
  7. Tuesday – 19/7/2022 at 8pm UK time
  8. Tuesday – 16/8/2022 at 8pm UK time
  9. Tuesday – 20/9/2022 at 8pm UK time
  10. Tuesday – 11/10/2022 at 8pm UK time
  11. Tuesday – 01/11/2022 at 8pm UK time
  12. Tuesday – 29/11/2022 at 8pm UK time

*May change slightly

Terms & Conditions

  • Your Subscription commitment is “Contract – Free”.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Once subscription payments have been deducted the payments will not be refunded
  • Cancellations are the responsibility of the Subscriber not the Merchant.