Often as therapists, we can feel we give more than we receive and sometimes we need time for ourselves to replenish our energy reserves.  Heart-Centred Coaching offers you these opportunities to share your worries and concerns.    Being self-employed can be a lonely journey so once in a while it is good to offload and revitalise yourself. There may be a challenging client or situation that you are facing during your sessions which we can go how build boundaries and safety for yourself. 

How Mentoring works?

During mentoring sesions a safe space is created to allow transformation to occur.


We use the power of the mind to detach from the thinking brain to tune into intuition so you can manifest your aspirations and inspire others. The tools used are Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting & Hyno Constellations. 

Deep Listening

Compassion-focused listening skills are used to allow you to feel safe to share and transform your limited beliefs. This is essential so you can embark of the evolution from empathy to compassion. 


Tools and practices to manage to imposter syndrome, inner critic and self worth challenges are covered. The aim is to align with your creative flow, trust yourself so you can get out of your own way to ahve the sucessful busienss you’re here to create. 


Simle effective mindulness technqiues are shared so you can empower yourself and others to name their fears to be free from teh grip of fear and live lighter lives anchored in the present. 


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Outcome & benefits

*Have you just started your business and confused about pricing?

*Have you added on another skill and want to upgrade your fees?

*Do you feel guilty to charge?

*Is your self worth punctured?

*Do you compare yourself to others?

*Are you burdened by other’s opinions?

*Do you feel you are charging to little or too much?


If you have answered yes to the above this is the program for you.

Your commitment

*Honesty about your emotions and thoughts about money

*Willingness to investigate your ancestral line to explore and release any blockages

*Open-ness to address and let go of birth/ childhood trauma

Description & Features

*4 sessions within 1 year of validity 

*Aftercare email support available

*60 Minutes each session

*Optional- Sessions can be recorded

*Once you have purchased the session, I will email you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to arrange a mutually suitable time. Please note that all sessions are on zoom usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am, 12noon, 2pm or 4pm UK Time

*A document will be emailed to you before the session for you to complete and email back before the session.

*You will be given access to a dream manifestation document which we will together complete to empower you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Are you interested in mentoring?

Click here to find out more about the mentoring packages.



Frequently Asked

I do not know how much to charge, will mentoring help?

Pricing has a lot to do with how much we value ourself and being comfortable to charge our worth. Mentoring will empower you to sit comfortably with your quest of pricing and naturally come to conclusion on what to charge which is fluid and flowing.

Why should I choose you as mentor?

Choosing a mentor is a person decision and it is best you feel comfortable. Therefore I offer clarity calls to all my mentors before we embark on a journey of working together?

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