One to One Sessions

A wonderful partnership to work together

When we are unable to see the wood for the trees we realise we need some clarity to move forward.   We can be so involved in our problems that we simply cannot see the bigger pictures.  So when we work together we both enter a partnership.


Often we are stuck and and confused.  The solution may be staring us in the face but we are unaware it because we take things too seriously.  We are so busy, stressed, overworked and overwhelmed that we need to get answers straight away.  We want to see change instantly.


So my question to you is how commited are you for this change?  What are you willing to give up to transform your lives to be be happier?  All I’m asking you is to come with an open mind and leave behind your judgements and preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong.  Duality is self created and we sometimes need to find comfort in the grey areas to simply move forward.


Change and transformation requires courage and kindness to yourself.  All the therapies I offer are based on science and there is evidence to prove their effectiveness.  Does that mean it will work for you?  Maybe.  You will not know until you decide to embark on this journey self awareness and development.  There is abudance of help avaialble.  Do not deprieve yourself from living a happier carefree life.  So think no more and contact me for free initial consultation to see if we can work together.  All you have to loose is some time.

What Can I Help With

Worry and Anxiety


Flourishing Fertility

Low Mood - Depression

Baby Loss

Harmony in Birth

Fear and Phobia

Emotional Upheaval

Children, Students & Young Adults