Are you usually bold and courageous but recently you feel you have lost yourself?

Do you feel a heaviness in your heart weighing you down and simply overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stuck emotionally and you feel there is much more than you are able to express?

Are you aware of subtle emotions you have hidden which are causing you to bubble up with no apparent reason?

Work with me to help you navigate through this stuck phase of your life.


Learn tools to access your feelings and memories


Be guided with compassion and kindness


Validate and honour your experiences


Address part of you that feels hurt, broken and neglected


Address childhood memories and help you shift


Restore calmness to move forward with gentleness and courage

Family Energetics in 100 words

written by

Deborah Donndelinger

Author of

Family Energetics



1.Difficult, yet common, events occur such as war, death, divorce.
2.The family system reacts and defends, doing the best it can at the time.
3.The expanding family matrix adapts but contains an entanglement.
4.The entanglement gets passed on and shows up in our current lives.
5.We heal this entanglement, revealing the love and acceptance that’s possible.

"Thank you so much for my absolutely fantastic therapy session yesterday. You have totally blown me away with your expertise and how you’ve made my heart feel whole again. I feel totally on form and filled with love, it’s beautiful. God Bless you Arty, May you continue to shine your bright light and guide others in need"