Birth Yourself Brave Podcast

In the sanctuary of being we can blossom on our self development and fertility journey. In this podcast Arty Amarisa, Mindset Educator and Fertility Coach will share tips and technique to get out of the ‘unworthy trance’, cultivate self-esteem and develop a fertile optimum state. It will also include interviews experts, professionals, and insightful beings to inspire and motivate us along.

S4E2-Autonomy over one’s own health

S4E1-Positive Harmony

S3E5-Celebrate Creative Calm

S3E4 – Turning Point

S3E3 – Drop the Anchor

S3E2~Gone too Soon

S3E1~Cloak of Compassion

S2E10~Heal your Birth heal your Life

S2E9~ Wisdom of being visible

S2E8~Riding the Wave of Success

S2E7 ~ The real true grit of being brave

S2E6 ~Alchemy of Grief- Birth of Love Reflexology

S2E4 ~ Unlearning what we learn in childhood

S2E4 ~ Courage to face one’s shadow side

S2E3 ~Less Self Service

S3E2 ~ Infertility, Courage and Resilience

S2E1~Rise from the Ashes

S1S7 ~ Build your own Fortress of Fortitude

S1E6 ~ Social Connection

S1E5 ~ Developing your self compassionate voice

S1E4 ~ Labelling your thoughts

S1E3~Guided Gracefully through Gratitude

S1E1~Overcome Fear

S1S1 ~ Introduction to Fortress of Fortitude