21 tips to Confidently Create a Fertile Optimum State




Are you trying for your first baby?

Are you about to start an IVF / Assisted conception cycle?

Are you anxious due to failed IVFs?

Are you feeling distresed due to recurrent misscariages?

Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and are confused, frustrated, and sad?

Are you feeling jealous and experiencing resentment due to others falling pregnant?

Are you feeling guilty that you cannot give your younger child a sibling to play with?

Work with me to help you navigate through your fertility journey.

If you have answered yes give yourself the present of 21 tips to Confidently create a Fertile Optimum State by:

  • Nourish your body with supplements and nutrition
  • Increase blood circulation through self fertility massage & reflexology
  • Discover your fertile time
  • Embody relaxation to enhance ovulation & implantation
  • Moon and menstrual journalling
    Learn about the benefits of yoni steam & castor oil packs and much more

What are the 21 tips included?

  1. Fertile Time
  2. Fertilty Reflexology
  3. Fertility Massage
  4. Castor Oil Pack
  5. Yoni Steam
  6. Nutrition, Supplements, Organic/Ecological Body & Householder Products
  7. Tests
  8. Breathing, Meditation & Mindfulness Practice
  9. Emotional Freedom Technique
  10. Bach Flower Remedies
  11. Drop the Anchor
  12. Self Care, Aromatherapy & Crystals
  13. Fertility Affirmations
  14. Emotional Bank Account
  15. Gratitude journaling
  16. Cognitive Restructuring
  17. Moon Journaling
  18. Fertility Yoga
  19. Womb Altar
  20. Colouring
  21. Writing a Compassionate Letter

Bonus –

  1. 21 Days of Emotional Freedom Technique
  2. Natural and Assisted Conception / IVF Empowerment Audios


  • 3 hours of coaching for £150 which is be divided into
    • Two x 90 minutes Boost Your Inner Confidence Bach Flower & Holistic Coaching
  • Surprise Goodie Bag for face to face to appointments


You can purchase the online program without the coaching for £50. Email me on artyamarisa@gmail.com for a coupon to get this product discounted.


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