Beauty in Birth



Are you pregnant?

Are you scared of child birth?

Are you looking for some comfort during your pregnancy?

Do you want to listen to some empowering visualisations for birth preparation.

If you have answered yes give yourself the present of Beauty in Birth


A 91 page document with access to affirmations, breathing technique links, calming images, colouring pages, bach flower remedies,  emotional freedom technique, hand reflexology points, interview series with a midwife about third trimester/ birth preparation, self soothing tips, the below tracks and much more

Track 1: Intro to Beauty in Birth

Track 2: Sanctuary of Peace

Track3: Talking to your Baby

Track 4:Pregnancy Calmness and Affirmations

Track 5:Wisdom during pregnancy

Track 6: Sublime Sleep

Track 7: Blossom and Birth

Track 7:Bravery During Birth


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