Distress to De-Stress Webinar with the Bach Flower Remedies



Are you going through extreme stress, anxiety, fear, grief, shock and trauma? 

Have you lost your job, your income has reduced and you are feeling a sense of void and emptiness? 

Are you sensitive and feel compelled to help others who are experiencing distress? 

Come and learn more in this compact 1 hour webinar about the how the Bach Flower Crisis (Rescue) Remedy can help you and others.


*The webinar will be on zoom on Thursday 3rd December 2020

  • 7:00pm – GMT (London)
  • 2:00pm – EST (New York, Canada)
  • 11:00am – PST (California,Los Angeles)
  • 6:00am Friday 27th November – ACT (Sydney)

*Once you make the payment you will receive the zoom links

*A replay will be available within 24 hours and available for 7 days later

*CPD certificate will be available upon request

More information about the Crisis Remedy

Crisis Remedy is a source of balance and composure is made of a combination of the below five flowers Bach Flower Remedies:

Rock Rose – terror and fright

Impatiens – impatience

Cherry Plum – fear of the mind giving way

Clematis – dreaming of the future without being in the present

Star of Bethlehem – shock

Some videos on the Bach Flower Remedies


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