Remove the Mask of the Inner Critic




Do you feel that your inner critic is stopping you achieving your potential?

Is there a voice that tells you that you are not good enough?

Are you looking to learn some simple techniques to self sooth yourself?

Welcome to 21 days to remove the mask of your inner critic.

• The intention of these 21 audios is to help you achieve the following in three weeks
o Week 1 – techniques to cultivate your soothing system
o Week 2 – techniques to identify with your thoughts and emotions
o Week 3 – techniques to develop compassionate mind training

• Remove the Mask of your Inner critic includes

o 21 inspiring quotes

o 21 audios to listen to at anytime and download

Day 1- Grounded body scan
Day 2-Naming the inner critic
Day 3- Affectionate & Soothing Breath
Day 4- Soothing Touch
Day 5- Soothing Colour
Day 6- Compassionate break
Day 7- Soles of feet
Day 8-.Future Self Exercise
Day 9- Love and Kindness for a loved one
Day 10- Love and Kindness Phrases
Day 11- Love and Kindness to oneself
Day 12- Inner Critical Voice
Day 13- Compassionate Voice
Day 14- Write a Compassionate Letter
Day 15- Safe Place
Day 16- Memory of feeling cared for
Day 17- Working with difficult Emotions
Day 18- Sense and Savour
Day 19- Silver Lining
Day 20- Values
Day 21- Goodness about yourself



“I did the mindfulness course with Arty and really enjoyed it. She has a naturally calm nature and her voice is so relaxing in the meditations she did. I would highly recommend taking one of her courses.”

Suzie Curtis

Wellbeing & Weight Loss Coach


“Arty is a wonderful teacher. She is a gifted therapist. I really enjoyed learning Mindfulness based cognitive therapy with her tutoring.”

Chica Herbert

Alternative Therapist


“I recently did the mindfulness with CBT course with Arty. The course was very well run and Arty is a great teacher, very knowledgeable about this subject. The mindfulness exercises were very helpful and the guided meditations were wonderfully relaxing too – Thank you Arty”


Belinda Traylen



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