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We cannot pour form an empty cup. We as practitioners often want to give in abundance but we can only give what we have. So this is an invitation for you to make time and space for yourself.

Are you fearful of seeing clients?

Do lack confidence and would like a regular booster?

Are yous sensitive and need to create a safe place to restore?

Do you need a routine to follow to bring you inner peace?

If you have answered yes to the above this is course for you.


This course is based on the below 7 lessons which consist of a combinations of audios, exercises and worksheets.

Lesson 1: Welcoming you to yourself

Lesson 2: Morning Meditation

Lesson 3: Client Session Preparation

Lesson 4:Post Client Session Reflection

Lesson 5: Evening Meditation

Lesson 6: Closing Thoughts

Lesson 7:Resources




“A wonderfully soothing tone – thank you Arty”

Deepa Vithlani – Workshop attendee


“Arty your voice and words are pure ASMR! Thank you!”

Tiana Kruskic – Workshop attendee


“Thank you Arty that was lovely.”

Audrey Scully – Transformational Healer, Speaker, Mentor, Funeral Celebrant


“Thats was so lovely and powerful”

Pooja Nicodemi –  Workshop attendee


“I found it really relaxing and felt myself slipping away…”

Ruby   ~  Tai Chi Instructor


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