This episode titled “Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life” is an interview with Sharon King – Author of ‘Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life’ – Birth Educator and Spiritual Awakener. This is a transformational episode where Sharon shares how she birther herself brave with Magical New Beginnings. We speak about her life changing book ‘Heal Your Birth, Heal Your life’ which is available on amazon on the link here – Our conversation leads to how generational trauma affects us and her current work. To tune into her offerings visit –


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Compelled to Serve

Everyone’s journey with the Bach Flowers is unique and personal. Yet what unites us all is the gratitude we have for nature’s wonder and its power to bring us back to restoration. This in return awakens the yearning to share with us. When we went into lock down a year...

A Negative Pregnancy Test

These four words, ‘ a negative pregnancy test’, is what stand out when we are trying for a baby and we miss a period, our period is delayed and/or at the end of our two week wait period after our assisted I’m going to in invite you to first of sit with the results,...

How our birth affects our present moment?

How our birth affects our present moment? Our first experiences of the world create our mental programming which is the foundation of our life and is running in the background. We form our beliefs during childhood which are manifested during the ebbs and flows of our...

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