This episode titled “Courage to face one’s shadow side” is an interview with Lesley Cooke, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Author of two books. This is a lively, interactive and compassionate discussion on how to muster bravery.

We spoke about how painful and difficult it can be to address our shadow side and face our reality. It is easier to blame others rather than shed some light on our own weaknesses and take responsibility to change. However sometimes the only way we can turn to the light is validate what we are feeling and our thoughts to liberate oneself.

Being present is one of the antidotes of anxiety and we discussed the quote by journalist Fi Glover. “It’s that art of living in the moment – a state of mind I find almost impossible to achieve. I’ve never been able to forget the past and not worry about the future. Part of parenting involves trying to predict what comes next and part of being over 50 is having a considerable amount of stuff in the bank of life to look back on, both good and bad. But here, today right now? Well that always seems like the woobly wooden bridge across the canyon – the thing you race over, not allowing your weight to jeopardise your safe passage. “

We finished off speaking about how each of us individually birth ourselves brave. Lesley as well as an author is a poet and has been writing a variety of poems. She shared with us a unifying poem. “Bravery is not the overcoming of fear but the manifestation of love. What is love but understanding? What is understanding but a foundation stone for the world. As building and foundation are one, we are one with the world. One whole. Expressing love through bravery is a way of upholding the universe. Lesley Cooke has written two books ‘Space to Think’ and ‘Turning to the light’ which can be bought directly from Lesley by emailing her on or through the Bach Centre on the link here. With wonderful technology you can also buy her eBook on the link here.

Reaching out to seek help

At time we can carry on with our lives but sometimes we need to reach out to be supported. I invite you to book a free clarity call with me to share with you my resources and explore how we can work together.