This episode titled “The real true grit of being brave” is an interview with Maggie Evans, retired nurse, and midwife, and Complementary Therapist specialising in Bach Flower Remedies and trainer. She is one of the first mentors I came across when I was introduced to the Bach Flowers and I’ll be forever grateful to her. Her gentleness, wisdom, tolerance, and integrity shine through. Maggie starts talking about how she into midwifery and her experiences as a young midwife. She shares with us two life-changing experiences and how she birthed herself brave into her career. To find out more about the pregnancy support she offers, visit the link here Lastly, she shares some wisdom with us on how we can birth ourselves brave when we go through the challenges of life. Whatever life throughs us, we have the choice to turn it around and embrace the opportunity to become stronger. All is not lost and one can be courageous enough to take the reins in their hands and be realise the real true grit of being brave. Maggie also offers regular courses on the Bach Flowers both face to face (pre and post-COVID) and online at the moment accredited by the Bach Centre. Feel free to contact her for further information on the link here,


Do you want to learn more about Rescue Remedy and the Bach Flower Remedies? The Bach Flower Remedies is a set of 38 different flower remedies that correspond to each human emotion. The Rescue Remedy is a mix that was created by Dr. Edward Bach to deal with emergencies and crises – the moments when there is no time to make a proper individual selection of remedies. It can be used to help us get through any stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one, last-minute exam stress, interview nerve,  the aftermath of an accident, or bad news. The Rescue Remedy helps us relax, be focused, and calm to navigate through our crisis. This is a short introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies and the Rescue Remedy, consisting of a video and an ebook to journal your emotions to get to know yourself better through the wisdom of nature.

Reaching out to seek help

At time we can carry on with our lives but sometimes we need to reach out to be supported. I invite you to book a free clarity call with me to share with you my resources and explore how we can work together.