Are you suffering from anxiety?

Have you got difficulies sleeping?

Are you stressed out?

Do you feel low?

Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities?

Do you feel stuck and stagnated?


Learn to identify the emotions underlying your anxiety


Use the power of nature to nurture you to sleep


Acknowledge the reason behind your stress and despondency


Validate your overwhelm and move forward with ease

“Learn the simplicity of the Bach Flowers to restore emotional balance.”

Bach flower remedies help you with the above and much more to restore emotional balance in a safe and natural way. In the 1920s and 1930s Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist discovered the Bach remedy system. Bach flower remedies consist of 38 remedies that address negative states of mind to help you control and balance your emotions and gain peace of mind.



Frequently Asked Questions



Who are Bach flower remedies suitable for?
Bach flower remedies can be used safely by all ages and can safely be taken alongside conventional and complementary treatments with no side effects.
What happens in a consultation?
·      During the consultation we go through the different emotions you are feeling and identify the flowers remedies which will help balance those emotions.


·     I am offering an inital package of three sessions over the course of three months. Each session will last for an hour. It involves a discussion where we will talk about your current problems and how to select the Bach Flowers.


·      Following this I will make up a treatment bottle containing up to seven remedies for you to take away that lasts three weeks.


·      In between session 1 and 2 I will share with you resources, including videos and an ebook  for you to go through to learn more about the Bach Flowers which we can discuss together during the subsequent consequences. 


·      This consultation can be either face to face in my clinic in Great Barr, Birmingham or online.

Why book an appointment with me?
It is important for you to feel comfortable with the practitioner you want to book an appointment with. So have a look at the the about me page by clicking here. Some kind people have also left some comments about how they felt when they came to, to see this click here and look look too.  Also the Bach Centre have produced a leaflet titled, ‘Seeing a Bach Practitioner’ which tells you more about the Bach Flowers Remedies, comments other clients have made and my training so you know what to expect. 
Can you post me a bespoke bottle by post?
I can post you your personal mix (up to 7 remedies) the UK – £20.00 (including postage and packaging).

Please note this does not include any 1-1 guidance in terms of helping you to select your remedies.  However there are many books available online please click here to find out more.

Click here to select and purchase the Bach Flower Remedies Personal Mix by post.

Can I learn more about the Bach Flowers ?
The Bach Centre offers a Distance Learning Programme) introductory-level correspondence course. It consists of five lessons and you are required to use to books  The Bach Remedies Workbook and Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step.  You can find out more from this link here.

When you book for this course you can request for myself (Arty Thukral) to be your mentor.  It will be lovely to support you whilst you learn this wonderful self healing system.

Any more questions?
Please click here to view the frequently asked questions from the Bach Centre.
Fees and booking a session

The fees are £75 for one session including a personal remedy mix or £60 excluding the personal remedy mix.  Email me on to discuss further and book your sessions.