Holistic Therapy

Physical, Emotional, Mental Harmony for better health, wealth and personal relationships

Emotional Freedom Technique

Accpuncture without needs for emotional equipoise

Family Energetics

Releasing feelings of being stuck and letting go of ancesteral emotions.

Bach Flower Remedies

Using the power of natural to resotre emotional balance


Resolve unconscious patterning anchesteral trauma to live a free and lighter life 


Acceptance Commitment Thearpy, Compassionate Mind Training

Matrix Birth Reimprinting

Heal your birth trauma & limited beliefs and reprogram your life

Fertile Body Method

Mind – Body Approaches to Fertility

Fertility & Hand reflexology

Application of pressure to enhance phyiscal, mental and emotional harmony, reduce stress and increase relaxation

Self Womb and Fertility Massage

Learn simple techniques to increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs restore physical and emotional balance.

What do they help with? 

Worry and Anxiety


Flourishing Fertility

Low Mood - Depression

Baby Loss

Harmony in Birth

Fear and Phobia

Emotional Upheaval

Children, Students & Young Adults


There are many research papers, below is a selection of videos which discuss the evidence of these tools and techniques.