Emotional Freedom Technique

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What is EFT?

The main aim of EFT is to restore emotional balance which is vital for our well being and peace of mind. One of the ways to explain EFT is that it is acupuncture for emotions with no needles. It involves tapping certain points that are on the body’s meridians (energy channels) and repeating the problem we have alongside positive affirmations. It is a combination of a clinical technique alongside a self-help tool with the purpose to shift brain patterns that lead to unwanted thoughts, actions, and emotions.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

What is the basis of EFT?

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. This disruption can be corrected due to the recent research that proves the brain has the capability to change the neural pathways. It is the blockages of these neural pathways which is the body’s energy system which causes many psychological problems.

EFT helps both with eliminating irrational thoughts and encouraging positive emotions.

What is EFT used for?

EFT helps both with eliminating irrational thoughts and encouraging positive emotions. It helps to restore balance when there is a blockage within the energy system of an individual. It helps shift the brain’s coding for the following:

* Addictions * Anger * Babyloss * Fear of giving birth* Infertility * Jealousy * Grief* Guilt * Pain * Phobia * Relationship problems * Resentment * Shame * Traumatic memories * Weight loss

Tapping on the meridian points also brings about positive harmony. Consequently, it is also used for:

* Assertiveness * Attracting abundance * Confidence building * Peak performance * Public Speaking

Science behind EFT

The repetition of the setup statement (trigger) arouses the limbic system (emotive response) and the tapping sends signals to the amygdala and other brain structures

to reduce that arousal and bring about calmness. A situation that would normally cause us to go into fight and flight mode increasing our cortisol, DHEA, and adrenaline will not have the same negative emotive response any longer because with regular EFT the limbic system is deactivated. This in turn will help our nervous and endocrine system to be healthier, in harmony, and to work efficiently without going from one extreme to another. This video talks about the research conducted on EFT and how it is changing the Therapy World.

How does EFT work ?

One round of EFT involves a setup statement that specific to the problem you are experiencing which you repeat three times, this is followed by tapping on the acupuncture points whilst repeating words that evoke the emotional response you want to eliminate. It is the combination of brining your problem to the surface alongside the tapping which sends signals to the brain to turn off the anxious response which alters the chemistry of the brain and consequently your response.

Who practices EFT?

Energy psychology is practiced by mental health professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. Also, coaches and complementary health practitioners who do not treat mental health problems use Energy Psychology with their clients both as the basis of their sessions as well as valuable self-help too.


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