WellWoman Confidence

Overcome self doubt and cultivate inner confidence during womanhood circles

Boost Your Inner Confidence Holistic Coaching

These sessions will help you gain the insight to believe in yourself with simple and effective self help tools such as bach flower essences, hand reflexology, mindfulness and tap and breath.

Boost Your Inner Confidence EFT Coaching

These sessions will help you validate your emotions safely to release them, reduce your anxiety, worry and overthinking to believe in yourself with the use of emotional freedom technique (tapping).

Fertile Body Method Coaching

Mind body approaches to create a fertile optimum state through tuning into your body, acknowleding your emotions and witnessing your thoughts to change your behaviour. 

Heal Your Birth and Family Energetics

These transfomative sessions will help you believe in yourself in a deepe level with a combination of both the offerings of insight and guidance level alongisde birth reiminprinting and family energetics.

30 Days to Self Discovry with the Bach Flowers

Start this journey to get to know yourself with the power of nature

21 Days to Confidently Create a Fertile Optimum State

This program empowers you with 21 tips to create a fertile optimum state. 

7 Steps to Boost your Confidence For Birth and Beyond

These sessions empower you during your pregnancy, birth and your postnatal period to feel confident and nurture your baby.